Amazon Echo and Google Home

Amazon Eco and Google Home

Home digital assistance, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, achieved a significant growth rate in 2017, according to a new study by NPR and Edison Research.

According to the study, one in six Americans has a home helper, equivalent to 16% -39 million people. On the corporate side, 11% of the market share goes to Amazon Eco, and 4% goes to Google Home at the moment.

This means that the domestic aid market grew by more than 128% compared to January 2017, due to the holiday season when 7% of the Americans bought at least one home assistant, while 4% bought their first assistant .

According to the study, a large group of users were freed from traditional radios after receiving home aid. The rate of their interaction with digital assistance has also increased in their smartphones, meaning that the use of digital assistance on smartphones will increase over time as well.

The market is waiting for the arrival, "HomePod", which Apple considers a home entertainment device capable of executing user voice commands. Samsung also plans to launch its own home helper later in 2018.

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