DJI: a new announcement planned next week


DJI tease a new ad that will take place in the coming days. Should we expect a new drone model?

At CES in Las Vegas earlier this month, DJI formalized its new generation of smartphone stabilizers, consisting of Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S. But the Chinese giant had kept a little under the elbow, for another announcement on the sidelines of the fair dedicated to new technologies. Those who are waiting for a new model drone (or two?) Could be delighted.

The firm, backed by a teasing campaign under the hashtag #AdventureUnfolds, is preparing the arrival of its next product as it should. Moreover, a vague video has been published by the brand, but it does not really reveal anything except two short shots of just a few seconds to raise in each of us curiosity.

Difficult to get an idea of the general appearance, only the top of the device with its shell appears. Mavic 2, Phantom 5 ... the rumors are well underway, but many evoke the arrival of an intermediate drone that would interfere between the Mavic (Pro) and the Spark. Smaller, more powerful, a little less noisy, better equipped: everyone agrees on the equipment and features of the next miniature aircraft. Its slogan "Adventure" (with a big A!) Could imply a fighter side to better withstand the weather conditions.

Recall also that one of its main competitors, GoPro, has recently announced the discontinuation of its line of drones Karma.

An almost confirmed name

The specialized site DroneDJ has gathered various evidences evoking the name of Mavic Air, the most credible being the address already reserved, redirecting for the moment to the main page while the other URLs possible leads directly to a 404 error.

In any case, DJI will hold a conference on January 23 in New York broadcast live through a livestream. We do not know yet which flying object it is, but the answer will be given shortly!

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