Facebook recognizes its mistake and promises to simplify the Messenger application

In a time of competition between chat applications, companies are adding a lot of benefits to applications periodically to attract new users and activate existing users of the application, but this will not always benefit as Facebook discovered.

Back to the news headline, Facebook felt that the race to add the benefits was no longer beneficial to its famous Facebook Messenger application, but rather contributed to the confusion of users, the complexity of the user experience and their discontent with the application.

This is what the vice president of Facebook for messaging products, who said in remarks published on his own page, said that the application is full of advantages and that the company's race over the past two years to add the benefits made the application distinctive but caused inconvenience to users.

Facebook will streamline the application this year and focus on the main features of audio and video as well as chat to enhance the presence of the application as one of the most important communication applications.

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