folding screen from samsung phone for 2018

folding screen from samsung phone for 2018

For some time we have been hearing about Samsung's intention to launch phones with folding screens and we have seen a lot of images and virtual videos that offer this type of screens in the future.

Samsung today made a practical move in this regard when it officially announced its intention to introduce folding screen technology in its phones during 2018 , this came in a statement released by the company to investors to talk about the company's financial results for 2017.

The Korean company has announced that it will continue to develop the Galaxy phones to outperform competitors by adopting the technology of OLED folding screens this year without specifying a time frame.

Previously the company had registered many patents for a phone named Galaxy X As leaks indicate, the phone carries a 7.3-inch screen can be folded to be the first Samsung phones that work in this technology.

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