Huawei unveils Wi-Fi Q2 router

Huawei unveils Wi-Fi Q2 router

Huawei Business Group recently unveiled the hybrid home system for Wi-Fi wireless, a leading technology solution that delivers wireless Wi-Fi to high-end smart homes. The Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 router features a dynamic interface between the advanced device and the software to increase speed, reliability and network bandwidth, to provide complete and easy wireless network coverage, and to ensure network signal stability throughout the home.

Huawei Business Group Chief Executive Officer said, "Many of us are watching electronic content more than ever, such as listening to music, watching movies and using social media on many devices that are increasingly connected to the Internet, making Wi-Fi a fast and reliable need. Today, the Wi-Fi Q2 Router provides families with a complete hybrid home system to provide a flexible and reliable solution that extends Wi-Fi throughout the home. "

The existing Wi-Fi network systems rely heavily on the size and shape of the home and also on the location of power plugs to effectively deliver the network signal. In addition, costly installation and configuration processes can create annoying and unnecessary complications for most users. The Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 router avoids these complications through a Wi-Fi-enabled network connection. The programmable Gigabit network controller provides connectivity, and the Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 router also has an easy installation and setup that enables the basic unit In five steps and enjoy the plug easily plug all secondary units.

The Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 router boasts speed, coverage and performance, providing a hybrid connection of up to 1867 Mbps by integrating the speed of the programmable controller into Wi-Fi wireless, the fastest Wi-Fi network in the world. In addition, the Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 router covers the same area in smaller units, which makes it possible to automatically support up to 192 devices connected to the integrated system.

The Wi-Fi Q2 router is ideal for large homes, covering every corner of the home with a balanced Wi-Fi network. It is designed to support up to 16 wireless access points, where users can add additional satellites that connect automatically to the network to expand coverage without need. To a setup and configuration process. With only one Wi-Fi network in the home, the Huawei Router provides 100-mil-second switching time (with the v802.11 protocol), making the system automatically connect users to the fastest point of contact and frequency to provide seamless connectivity wherever you are.

As for security, Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 router is designed to provide the maximum secure experience, adding a mandatory protection approach to prevent unwanted external access to the network to complement Wi-Fi encryption and password.

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