Microsoft developed software capable of drawing what human writes

Microsoft has developed software capable of drawing what human writes

Microsoft succeeded in developing intelligent software capable of drawing the shape that a human writes and explaining graphic specifications in a recent report explaining his latest findings in the world of artificial intelligence.

Xiaodong He, who is in charge of developing the new software, said that when a user goes to the Bing search engine and writes a word for a bird, for example, he will get a set of images for the birds. But the new software is drawing the bird without using pictures.

If the user wrote "a yellow short-necked bird with two wings black" will get a result like the image at the top, which is drawn through the software without the use of real images.

Such software can open up large horizons in design and computer graphics. In the future, a user may be able to write a description of a scene so that the computer can create it completely without having to draw anything manually or even move it.

The new software is based on two parts, the first Generic Adversarial Network, and the second is to improve the accuracy of the scene and develop it to simulate the real elements accepted by humans, to look as natural as possible.

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