Motorola Moto G6: funny vision of borderless

Motorola Moto G6

Motorola switches to 18: 9 and transforms its devices accordingly. The Moto G6, recently leaked, are the result of this experimentation.

As the first terminals of the year 2018 begin to be announced, some manufacturers start the year less well than the others. Even if leaks are common in the field of Tech, indiscretions recovered are usually sold out gradually, according to the information shared on the Web and the will of the tipsters. Hard blow for Motorola (Lenovo), since a few days ago it is not a device, but the entire future collection that was unveiled before time.

We know almost everything about the next Motorola-branded terminals that will be released in the coming months. As you may have noticed, the G6 range is dedicated to 18: 9 models. An elongated format involves fine borders and some design choices. Visually, changes have been made, and not for the better.

A disturbing design

While manufacturers are trying to remove the thickness on all sides, Motorola tries it, but does not seem ready to make too many concessions. With this new generation, it seems that the brand has its own vision of borderless and ergonomics, resulting in aesthetic decisions quite strange and difficult to understand.

On the front of these new devices, the Moto logo turns into Motorola and changes position: previously located above the screen, it is now affixed just below. Admittedly, no impact to highlight the G6 Play, which has a fingerprint sensor housed on the back of the device, but the finding is not the same for the G6 and G6 Plus.

Thus, the oval location intended to accommodate a finger to read the relief is now narrowed more than ever. Judging by the visuals, this one has been compressed down to the possible, also moving it away from the screen. What about the comfort of use? Users who are accustomed to the older, more functional design, and those who do not have slender members, are likely to appreciate moderately. In addition, positioning the main microphone on these devices is also a questionable point.

For a test shot in the 18: 9 format, the adaptation choices made by the manufacturer remain at least ... surprising. It remains to be seen if these visuals unveiled before the hour really represent the final version of the next Moto or if their appearance is likely to vary by the time of their officialization.

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