Opera Mobile and Mini: now blocked Cryptocurrency

Opera Mobile and Mini now blocked Cryptocurrency

Opera offers an update for its browsers on Android that can defend against some malicious scripts in fashion.

With the rise of cryptocurrency, and especially their rise in value, some redouble ingenuity to find new mining methods, sometimes maliciously. We knew the Android applications that undermine the backs of users, but in recent months, it is the websites themselves that sometimes use scripts forcing the user device to undermine. The website StreetPress had even tested this method as a new business model of the online press.

The problem with these methods is that, in addition to being done without the knowledge of the user, they can reduce the performance of the device, but also its autonomy.
A comparison of CPU usage with a script, before and after the update
A comparison of CPU usage with a script, before and after the update

After the ad, Opera blocks the mining scripts

Faced with this new trend, Opera has decided to take things in hand and announced the update of its two browsers for Android. The new versions include a script blocker that will prevent visited sites from launching the mining script on the smartphone. This new feature is part of the browser ad blocker and will be enabled by default upon installation.

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