Samsung denies again: no, it does not slow down its old smartphones

Samsung denies again: no, it does not slow down its old smartphones

Samsung had already claimed that unlike Apple, it did not bridle its old smartphones. But targeted by an investigation for "planned obsolescence", the manufacturer was forced to deny, again, resort to this kind of practices.

Some things need to be repeated many times. This is how Samsung is again forced to say that it has never knowingly slowed down its old models of smartphones.

Everything goes back to about a month ago. We discovered then that Apple voluntarily bridle the performance of its old iPhone. According to the brand, this practice serves to extend the life of smartphones despite their aging batteries.

" Planned obsolescence "

A reasoning strongly criticized especially because Apple had never warned its users before this case breaks out. In a number of countries, justice has been seized and very quickly the notion of "planned obsolescence" has surfaced.

In France, for example, the HOP association accuses Apple of having used this clampdown to force its consumers to constantly buy new products. Meanwhile, Samsung on its side reacted to this case by ensuring that he had never engaged in such practices.

But this was obviously not enough to prevent the South Korean giant to be targeted by an investigation conducted by the Italian regulator responsible for compliance with competition - Apple is also targeted. This one also bears on a supposed "planned obsolescence".

Ready to collaborate

"Samsung does not provide software updates to reduce product performance over the life of the device. We will cooperate fully with the Italian Market and Competition Authority as part of its investigation in Italy to clarify the facts, "soberly reacted the manufacturer.

As it is, Samsung will probably still publish several releases to reassure its users. For its part, Apple has apologized and promises to offer its users choice between performance and battery savings in a future update.

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