Tesla: the Model 3 is still behind because of the Gigafactory

Tesla the Model 3 is still behind because of the Gigafactory

If this is not the first delay that Tesla accuses, it seems that the firm still has production problems with its Model 3. These would be related to its battery factory, the Gigafactory.

During the month of January, Elon Musk's company had already announced that it would lower its target, from 5,000 cars expected per week to 2500. While issues seem to multiply for Tesla and its Model 3, several media point to a new delay in manufacturing speed and delivery.

Workers not qualified enough?

According to the CNBC television channel, the problem is mainly due to the Gigafactory, the battery factory located in Nevada. For information, CNBC interviewed past and current employees of the US firm. Given that some of the batteries are assembled by hand, the former and current employees explain that the production is longer than expected given the mass of control.

However, some argue that the workers in question are not all sufficiently qualified to meet this objective and would not be as rigorous in the search for faults as the security of such a room would require. Following these accusations, a spokesman for the company widely denied, saying: "To be absolutely clear, we maintain projections of increase in production rates of Model 3 that we provided at the beginning of the month.

Nevertheless, Tesla will have to answer two major issues: honor 400 000 prepaid orders and ensure its customers the reliability of its batteries. All in all, the firm will have to reassure the most worried while meeting its objectives.

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