Windows 10 gets the Do Not Disturb feature

Windows 10

Microsoft has sent a new preview of Windows 10 that includes improvements in the PC reading experience as well as a non disturbance mode to prevent notifications from reaching you.

This mode appears in the 17074 version. The non-disturbance feature is under the name of Quiet Hours, as in the Mac computers where you can list the people and applications that are allowed to reach you. Others will not see a notification interrupting your browsing during the activation time.

For game lovers when playing games that support DirectX in fullscreen mode and when the screen is repeated during playback the status will be activated and notifications will not be shown.

On the other hand, for both EPUB and PDF files via microsoft edge, there is a new interface to read with a synchronization feature for any page that connects the user to read across different devices with new grammar proofing tools.

In addition, there are less specific features such as the option of not saving passwords for domains, and even autocomplete passwords when using extensions in hidden browsing mode.

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