Study: Radiation from smartphones does not cause cancer

Radiation from smartphones does not cause cancer
Radiation from smartphones does not cause cancer

Recent studies have confirmed that radiation from smartphones does not cause brain cancer, according to earlier claims. At least, there are no links between brain cancer and smartphones.

A series of studies were conducted on mice whose bodies were exposed daily to radio waves, the waves used on smartphones, a rate of nine hours for two years. But this did not lead to one of them cancer, except for one mouse appeared malignant tumors around the heart muscle of its own.

Studies have found that the exposure of mice to radiation of this magnitude is fundamentally exaggerated, no one puts the smartphone close to the head for nine hours a day. If this happens, the studies confirm that the radio waves do not cause any damage to the brain because they are basically low energy, and not comparable to those used in the field of medicine capable of causing damage to human DNA because of its strength.

In detail, in the first study, one male rat was infected, while the females did not suffer any damage despite exposure to the same radiation and the same period. The second study was intact and the group of mice was never harmed. This means that radio waves are sound and not linked to malignant tumors.

The Federal Communications Union is limiting the amount of radiation from smartphones, and these are controls that all companies are committed to without exception to obtain final approvals for the introduction of devices in the markets. It also advises the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to confirm the findings of the studies for adoption or rejection, which increases the credibility of those studies, which denied the existence of links between phone use and malignant tumors.

It should be noted here that the tests were performed using second and third generation networks, 2G and 3G. A two-year-old mouse is equivalent to a 70-year-old man, meaning that the ability of the defense system in the body is reduced. Finally, the amount of radiation to which the mice were exposed is very high and has no parallel in daily life.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported a non-scientific finding that mice exposed to radiation lived longer than they did not. But the head of the body confirmed this difference is only a coincidence not based on scientific facts.

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