Amazon stops selling Nest products

Amazon stops selling Nest products
Amazon stops selling Nest products

Last year, Amazon refused to include some new Nest products in its store in a pre-emptive move to stop selling all of its products now.

According to a new report, Amazon has decided to stop selling all Nest products and is now in the phase of liquidation of existing stock only and after the end will not be available any new quantities of purchase.

We do not know whether independent sellers will be allowed to continue selling Nest products via Amazon, or will also prevent them. The company, owned by Google, rejects the deal from Amazon, as it wants either to sell all its products or stop selling altogether.

Amazon currently offers many of the company's products within Prime service, but Amazon relationship with Google products is not always excellent. It has already refused to sell Google Home and Pixel phones, but has re-sold some products like chromecast after its sale has been discontinued.

Amazon has acquired Ring worth  1 billion $  to provide home surveillance cameras and smart home bells, some of which rival Nest.

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