Urgent: Facebook announces new measures to protect user data

Urgent: Facebook announces new measures to protect user data
Urgent: Facebook announces new measures to protect user data

On the background of the Cambridge Analytica case, which we talked about yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg issued a statement shortly to explain the circumstances of the case, saying initially that he was late in issuing the statement to try to understand what happened and how it happened and how to ensure not to repeat it.

Zuckerberg said Facebook has a responsibility to protect users' data or not to serve them so it admits that it has made mistakes in some things but will do much to fix the error.

"What happened to developer Alexander Kogan and Cambridge Analytics is a breach of trust between Facebook and users, so Facebook will do everything in its power to try to fix what is happening and restore people's trust," Mark said.

New measures that Facebook will adopt starting today

  • Facebook will investigate all applications that it has. It will conduct a full review of any application that carries out suspicious activities. Facebook will block any application to agree to a comprehensive review. The ban includes any developer who misused user data and inform users of any platform or application.
  • Facebook will restrict data access to developers to the maximum extent to prevent any other types of abuse. For example, we will remove developers' access to your data if you do not use their application within 3 months. Facebook will reduce the data obtained by the application when you log in to the profile picture name, and the email address only.
  • Facebook will inform the user of the applications that were allowed to access its information in April. Facebook will also develop a special tool that will show the applications and platforms that you have subscribed to through your Facebook account with an easy way to unsubscribe and cancel access permissions for your account and data. Prominent for easy access.
In the end, Zuckerberg confirmed the responsibility of Facebook for what happened and apologized, stressing that what happened should not be repeated and that they learned from this experience.

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