Buckle Up, Prime Members: Amazon Launches In-Car Delivery

Buckle Up, Prime Members: Amazon Launches In-Car Delivery
Buckle Up, Prime Members: Amazon Launches In-Car Delivery

Last year, Amazon introduced a new service to deliver the packages to the user's home without being present. Today, a new idea is presented: delivery of the parcel to the car's trunk, even without you there.

In its previous service, Amazon used cameras and smart locks connected to the Internet to see the employee's arrival to open the door and verify his identity and then close after his departure. Today Amazon will use the simplest technologies available in many modern cars.

Amazon has signed a partnership agreement with General Motors and Volvo and will serve in 37 US cities starting today.

The start of the service is available to prime customers only - more than 100 million subscribers - and those who have a GM or Volvo modern car, with OnStar or Volvo on Call, according to the company.

To use the service, you must add your car to the Amazon Key application and describe it and distinguish it from other similar cars. The car must be parked at the address in the Amazon account. Special addresses such as a car garage or a public parking lot can be placed on the street, it is important to be specific and not randomly within the city.

At any time during the delivery of the package you can cancel the method of connecting to the car and choose another address, and Amazon depends in this service on the GPS.

The package must be relatively small and the seller is an Amazon store and not a third party and the value of the package is less than $ 1,300.

While Amazon will provide this service with the two companies mentioned for two years under the agreement, there are more brands of cars to be contracted by the company and will expand later later.

Of course, car manufacturers and Amazon are not planning to make any profits or impose additional charges for this new form of delivery over the next two years as a preliminary experience and if successful in the future may charge fees.

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