The Waymo car accident raises more questions

The Waymo car accident

A self-driving Waymo car was hit by a traffic accident in Chandler, Arizona, Police said the accident caused minor injuries after Honda sedan sidestepped to avoid colliding with another vehicle and entered the opposite lane and hit the Waymo car.

The Waimo was in self-driving mode, police said, But there was someone in the driver's seat and slightly wounded. "Our team's primary mission is to make roads safer, this is the basis of everything we do and we are concerned about the safety of our test driver and wish it full recovery," Waimo said in a statement.

the company Waymo has posted a pre-collision video, where data from the Waymo sensors will help determine what happened. Police say Waymo self-driving car was not wrong. "The Waymo was in the wrong place at the wrong time," said Seth Tyler, a spokeswoman for the Chandler Police Department.

The accident was the second of its kind in Arizona, where a motor vehicle belonging to Uber in the city of Tempe suffered a traffic accident but resulted in the death of a woman in her fifth contract.

Even if the Waymo car is not mistaken in today's accident, after a Uber collision and the death of a person using the Autopilot feature, questions such as: How do we know that these systems are ready to serve? Do they really have to test in the public streets? Is there a driver behind the wheel? Are not these cars supposed to make everyone safer?

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