Twitter reveals its new policy

Twitter reveals its new policy towards non-real accounts
Twitter reveals its new policy towards non-real accounts

The founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, spoke last March about the company's work to improve the chat environment and exchange views on Twitter, and it seems that the company has taken a new approach to non-real accounts or "trolls."

The company said in a statement that it has begun to follow a new policy towards that type of accounts, which the owners enter into conversations with people from the public, and respond to the tweets in an inappropriate manner often. This makes users report those accounts as soon as they are seen, even without violating the Twitter policy.

Twitter accounts account for only 1% of all reported accounts, which makes it develop a system based on artificial intelligence that automatically analyzes all tweets and responses on the network even before other users can see them sometimes. The team checks the tweets to make sure they are safe.

This will also make the responses that come from this type of account invisible directly, ie, the responses will not appear directly below the tweak, but will fall under a hidden list that the user can open or leave without seeing it. Which means that the new system developed by Twitter will analyze the responses and keep the appropriate ones, but it will not appear directly natural like the rest of the responses, but the user will click on the "Read more" to see the responses that come trolls accounts and does not violate the company's policy.

The company revealed that the new system contributed to the reduction of the rate of abuse during the search to 4%, while the decline of about 8% of the abuses that come from the responses.

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