Facebook will remove the Trending topics section

Facebook will remove the Trending topics section

For the past four years, Facebook has posted on the Trending topics section of its Web site a collection of news feed that users interact with, and today the social network decided to remove this section.

The criticism Facebook has received over the years has not stopped, about the mechanism of selecting news and placing it in the Trending topics section. in many cases, it has been dominated by unreliable sources and has appeared on the list.

If you have not seen this section before, this is something that is expected and natural, since it was active in only five countries around the world, and through it, news sites received a small percentage of visitors.

At the same time, Facebook is testing a new way to show news on its site, such as breaking news and local news.

Facebook is currently testing the breaking news feature with 80 sites and publishers in several regions around the world, through the test, the site can mark and indicate that this link contains urgent news. facebook did not say whether it would give priority to such publications compared to others.

Facebook is also testing a new section called Today In, which introduces important local news to users, which varies by country and even the city and is updated from local news sites.

Also in terms of news, but on the video way, users within the United States have a date with a special section that displays live live news coverage of the news as well as videos containing daily and weekly summary of events.


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