Sony raises the price of PlayStation Vue service subscriptions

Basic service will be $ 44.99 and the highest service will be $ 84.99
Sony raises the price of Vue service subscriptions

Sony announced the price increase of Vue service to users for $5 for all subscriptions, the new changes will take place by the end of this month so that the basic subscription price rises from $ 39.99 to $ 44.99.

Vue offers premium content services, offering many options for users, especially for many entertainment networks in the United States.

The company said that the rise in the price of service comes as a result of higher operating costs as well as prices in general, which requires them to increase subscription prices to keep pace with the continuous rise.

The service offers 4 types of subscriptions: Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra. The price will be the same for all subscriptions. Basic service will be $ 44.99 and the highest service will be $ 84.99.

The service is available on Playstation as well as a number of interactive TVs, in addition to the availability to users on the computer and smart devices. The number of subscribers last year was more than 400,000.


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